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A Professional Cable Assemblies and Wiring Harnesses Manufacturer

Custom Cable Assembly Workshop
Custom Cable Assembly Workshop

About Us

MCT Technology CO.LTD has over 20 years experience in cable assembly and manufacturing wiring harnesses. We specialize in custom solutions for different industries such as consumer electronics, automotive, medical devices and aerospace. Our mission is simple: to help our customers succeed by providing reliable quality products, superior customer service, and unbeatable lead time. Our vision is to be the leading brand in cable assemblies and wire harnesses by leveraging our expertise with precision fine-pitch plugs and advanced technologies like injection molding. With ISO9001/ISO13485/IATF16949 certifications proving our commitment to excellent standards, MCT Technology stands ready to meet your every need!

ISO 9001-2015
ISO 13485
IATF 16949
Custom LVDS Cable Assembly
Custom LVDS Cable Assembly



Rest assured that you are in trusted hands with MCT

Benefit from our experience and professionalism in reducing lead-times and catering to your unique needs. Our scientific attention to detail guarantees consistent delivery on all our promises. Trust us to handle your requirements with expertise.


No minimum order quantities (MOQ’s)​

We empathize with the frustration of needing to order more than necessary. At our company, we never force minimum order quantities (MOQs). We may request that you cover material costs, but we only produce the exact amount you require.


On-time delivery

We understand that tight time-scales can be a source of concern. That’s why we’ll work together to determine the optimal delivery date to meet your needs. As experts in timely delivery, we prioritize the importance of meeting critical deadlines. You can trust us to deliver on time, every time.

What we do

Trust in our expertise for your Bespoke Cable Assembly Manufacturing needs. Our experienced team provides friendly and safe service, ensuring your satisfaction by delivering custom cables that are manufactured exactly to your specifications. You can count on us to deliver quality cables when you need them.

Our Service Promise to you:

  • Fast & Accurate Enquiry Response
  • Free Design Service
  • Quickly Samples
  • Friendly and Helpful Service
  • Competitive Prices
  • Fully Quality Assured (ISO 9001:2015, IS 13485, IATF16949)
  • Guaranteed Fastest Delivery

Bespoke Cable Assembly Types:

  • LVDS Cables / eDP Cables / MIPI Cables
  • Micro-coaxial Cables (I-PEX, KEL, Samtec etc)
  • Medical Imaging Cables
  • Machine Vision Cables
  • IDC / FPC / FFC Cables
  • Waterproof Cables
  • Crimp & Solder (Molex, JST, Hirose, JAE, TE/AMP etc)

Cable Connectors Available

Our manufacturing platform can terminate I-PEX, JAE, HRS, KEL, or Tyco connectors with fine pitch accurately and efficiently to ensure VESA compliance with flat panel displays and high-speed transit.

We offer a wide range of contacts with pitches of 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, and 0.5mm, available in configurations with 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 pins. Our products are accompanied by fine micro-coaxial cables constructed with 36AWG to 48AWG wire. Our advanced technology ensures superior EMI and impedance control, allowing for optimized performance in any setting. Available fine pitch interconnect:

I-PEX Connectors & Micro-coaxial Cable/Dual Coaxial/Discrete Wire:

  • Cabline CA (20525/20633/20858)/ CA II(20682/20679/20790/20788)
  • Cabline VS (20455/20453/20645) / VS II(20849/20846/20862)
  • Cabline CX II (20976/20977/20978) / CAL (20729/20728)
  • Cablline SS (20374/20380) / FPL II (20439/20437)
  • Cablline UM (20879/20877) / UX II (20531/20533)
  • Cablline UA II (20498/20496) / UY (20854/20857)

JAE Board to Cable Connectors:

  • HD Series (Board-to-Cable Connector)
  • HJ1 Series (LCD Interface Connector for Notebook PC)
  • FI-R Series (Connector for Internal Serial Transmission)
  • FI Series (1.25 mm Pitch Board-to-Cable Connector)
  • FI-X (Board-to-Cable Connector for High-Speed Transmission)
  • FI-JW Series (Fine-Coax Wire Connector)
  • FI-J Series (Thin Wire Coaxial Connector)
  • FI-X Series (1.0mm Pitch Connector for Interface of LCD)
  • FI-E Series (1.0 mm Pitch, LVDS Board-to-Cable Connector)

Hirose Mico Coaxial Cable Connectors:

  • DF36 Series / DF56 Series
  • DF80 Series / DF81 Series
  • DF19 Series / DF38 Series
  • FX15 Series / FX16 Series

KEL Micro Coaxial Cable Connectors:

  • USL Series / USLS Series / XSLS Series
  • SSL Series / TSL Series

Molex/JST/TE/AMP/3M/ACES/LEMO/Panasonic Cable Connectors

ITT/Harting/Amphenol/Yazaki/KET/Phoenix Cable Connectors

Our service increases your workshop capacity and guarantees high-quality Bespoke Cables within tight deadlines. Plus, you can rely on us only when you need us – no need to worry about hiring extra staff in uncertain times. We understand your unique requirements, and you can expect individualized attention when you work with us. Let’s discuss how we can help you. Contact us now.

Custom Micro-LVDS-Cable-Assemblies
Custom Micro-LVDS-Cable-Assemblies
Custom LVDS Micro-coaxial Cable Assembly Manufacturer
Custom LVDS Cable Assembly Manufacturers
Custom LVDS Cable Assemblies Wire Harness Manufacturers
Custom LVDS Cable Assemblies Wire Harness Manufacturers
Custom Cable Assemblies Wire Harness Manufacturers
Custom Cable Assemblies Wire Harness Manufacturers